Quality Assurance 3.0 — a new approach to Excellence

  • Stay longer than 45-hours, spend more time on what really matters; focus on the human interaction, with guest engagement and emotional intelligence as the key aspects, and service quality
  • Distinguish between random human interactional deficiencies and those that constitute a pattern
  • Let the facilities take a back seat, i.e. just summarize strengths and weaknesses, as the hoteliers typically are fully aware of their property-related deficiencies
  • Forget a standadized approach to QA as it leads to standadized, uniform and non-differentiating products, instead, jettison the 800+ standards, the need to tick boxes, the bookkeeping approach, any distraction that prevents the assessor from genuinly experiencing and inhaling the property’s DNA
  • Focus on your guests, or your target guest of the future, as a non-standardised approach is reflective first and foremost of a brand's demanding and ever evolving clientele, not of the clientele of another brand or the brand's past clientele and its expectations
  • Concentrate on your own strengths and differentiation, vs comparing your unique offering with “departmental” results from other hotel brands
Back to the basics. Are you ready to switch to the future of Quality Assurance?

About Jochen Ehrhardt

  • experienced 1,800+ hotels, 500+ cities, 80+ countries, across 6 continents
  • lived in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, New York, Hamburg, Shanghai, Berlin, Cape Town and Bangkok
  • created TRUE 5 STARS, an online platform that focuses on just the top 1,000 hotels in the world, most of which he has personally seen
  • co-founded DNA-QA, an independent Quality Assurance provider that focused on 5-star plus hotels
  • inspired by Georg R. Rafael, co-founder of Regent Hotels (sold to Four Seasons) and founder of Rafael Hotel Group (sold to Mandarin Oriental)

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I have known Jochen Ehrhardt for many years. He is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable professionals I have met, always striving to deliver the highest service for his clients, with an exceptional eye for service and details. Any client seeking his professional expertise will be in excellent hands with Jochen.

Georg R. Rafael
Owner - Rafael Group
Founder of Rafael Hotels
(sold to Mandarin Oriental)
Partner and Shareholder of Regent International Hotels
(sold to Four Seasons)

It was a great pleasure to share a relaxed evening around a fine dinner with you here at The Alpina Gstaad. Your passion for travel, with special focus on the personalized service delivery and the emotional perception from a guest’s perspective made for very interesting conversation topics. Lovely also to have so many industry friends in common across all continents!

Tim Weiland
General Manager
The Alpina Gstaad

What a great start to the day that was: enjoying a delicious THE OMNIA breakfast with Jochen, and discussing the luxury hospitality market, the importance of a unique guest experience and personalized service. Thank you very much for sharing so many valuable insights and intriguing stories on our shared passion: travelling and the "fine art of creating a home away from home"!

Christian Eckert
General Manager
The OMNIA, Zermatt

Whenever we met at Pimalai, I was always very impressed with Jochen’s comprehensive overview and vast knowledge of the world’s top hotels. Talking to him felt like talking to an encyclopedia for luxury hotels. His website TRUE 5 STARS is stylish, cleverly designed, and you can sense that he effectively and genuinely includes only the best of the best in the hospitality industry.

Franck de Lestapis
Owner Representative
Pimalai Resort and Spa, Koh Lanta

Always a true pleasure to be in touch with Jochen. Visiting hotels he “reads between the lines”, also pays attention to the less obvious and sees and says what truly matters.

Jannes Soerensen
General Manager
The Beaumont, London

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Please e-mail me at jochen.ehrhardt@true5stars.com or call at +49 151 41690802